Did Your Listing Expire?

 Did Your Listing Expire? You’ve Come To The Right Place.

Why didn’t my home sell?  Good question!
When your property sits, check your Realtors real estate marketing!  See how well your agent is doing their job simply by approaching it like a home-buyer.  Taking a look at your online advertising and how it compares will let you know how well and how much your home is being marketed in the right places.”

Here are the main reasons a house doesn’t sell:  

       1.  Hire the Right Real Estate Professional
  • Pros:  It’s a good idea to ask around, do your homework and research online a few Realtors to interview in person. Check agent’s reviews, what marketing they will provide? and a referral is a great place to start and so is interviewing an agent who has the most consistent success selling in your market. To find the best listing agent, don’t base your decision solely on the suggested sales price or how much the agent charges you because there are other considerations.
  • Cons:  Choosing a Realtor whose a family member or friend may not be the best idea in a business transaction. Also, use caution when selecting an agent who negotiates or offers a reduced fee.  While this may seem like what you want to hear, this tactic, along with suggesting a higher selling price can be a strategy to simply get the listing.  Because you’re hiring a professional to negotiate the sale of your home,  an agent quick to give their own money away could be a telling sign of what’s to come – not to mention the overall impact it will have on the marketing of your home and your pocketbook in the long run.  We’ve all said it, “you get what you pay for.”

2.  Proper Pricing Strategy
  • Pros:  Pricing a home correctly is the key.  The most activity a home typically sees is during the first two-weeks of being on the market.  Now that the pendulum is pointed to a buyers market, a pricing strategy “in line” with your local market and a sophisticated marketing plan is critical in selling your home quickly and for the highest possible price.
  • Cons: A proper pricing strategy doesn’t start with selecting the agent who comes in with the highest price for your home.  While it may be what you want to hear, the correct price is based on truth in real market data.  Educated facts and trend reports professionally presented to you by a trusted adviser, skilled in selling homes.  We’ve all heard it, “sometimes the truth hurts, but we need to hear it.”

3.  Condition of Your Home

  • Pros:  Go on tour with your Realtor and look at the homes buyers are looking at when they’re considering a home to purchase in your area.  Do they show better than your home did?  Are they staged to sell?  Was yours?  Is there deferred maintenance?  If you had to buy your home today, would you?  Or, if you were a buyer would you rather buy your neighbor’s house?  Working with your Realtor about what you can do to help make your home stand out better will save you time, money and help you achieve the very best results.
  • Cons: Taking shortcuts to sell your home will always come back on you, whether that be in lack of buyer interest now or problems after an inspection later.  Even if you’re working on a budget, making the adjustments now will pay off.  Buyers want to picture themselves living in the home, some can’t see through a mess or beyond empty walls – so the fewer obstacles the better.  Clean, cared for homes that are staged, priced right and marketed to the soul will sell.

4.  Marketing and Exposure – Your agent haven’t paid for extensive marketing and advertising

  • Pros:  One of the most critical components in marketing your home today, beyond the amount of exposure is market reach – by taking advantage of technology, social networking, and advanced internet strategies.  And, to bring your transaction together, your Realtor must be able to negotiate on your behalf – having complete knowledge of the local market, trends and competition, an understanding of the “buyer” and their needs, other Realtors and their style is a necessity in getting your home SOLD.  That’s why working with an agent who comes highly recommended and consistently outperforms all the others is the strength behind the SOLD sign.
  • Additionally:  Not Enough Photographs or Badly Shot Photographs. Homes in MLS that have one photo are passed by. Homes with dozens of photographs get noticed. Take quality photos or hire a professional photographer. Shoot wide angles with plenty of light showcasing your home’s best features.
  • Cons: Steer clear of what doesn’t work.  Real estate has changed, the rules have changed and your Realtor can only be successful for you if they’ve changed too. Relying on traditional real estate marketing of the past will not produce the results you’re looking for now.  The days of placing the for sale sign in the front yard, placing your home in the MLS, printing off some flyers and praying it sells are gone.