Questions To Ask An Agent

Ask Questions-Have expectations of your agent:
Wouldn’t it be nice if your Realtor…

  • Advised you based on your wants, needs, and goals – even if it meant advising you to wait?
  • Had insight of the market, its trends and could clearly educate you on what you can expect?
  • Was expertly in tune with intelligent market data & proper pricing analytics specific to your home
  • Was expertly in tune with intelligent market data & proper pricing analytics specific to your home
  • Provided you with a detailed marketing strategy on how they’ll sell your home?
  • Was the TOP salesperson in your area and had industry awards for the highest level of service and success?
  • Provided industry reports of recent sales, made past sales viewable on their websites & featured all their listings?
  • Gave you a scheduled timeline and regular updates, along with real examples of your property marketing?
  • Consistently created ways to proactively bring buyers through your home?

  • Made your home visible through the use of mobile phone technology?

  • Worked with a team of professionals, communicated consistently and was always efficient and effective?

  • Had the experience and an arsenal of time-tested strategies that will get you the highest price in the shortest time?
  • Used professional staging, photos, marketing, videos, virtual tours, property websites, floor plan, internet marketing, unique ad and more?
  • Participated in successful networks and had the power of association to promote your property globally?
  • Hosted Brokers Tours, Open Houses and held events that would bring traffic through your home?
  • Used both traditional marketing methods with today’s savvy solutions for maximum exposure to all buyer types?

  • Had access to home statistics of how and where those buyers are coming from?
  • Was properly trained to leverage Social Media in real estate?
  • Was professionally connected on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and more
  • Had their own hyper-local, high-traffic, user-friendly websites, blogs, video & photo blogs featuring your home?
  • Worked primarily by referral, had letters of recommendation and video testimonials from clients for your review?

Statistics you should know:

According to the National Association of Realtors, studies show over 92% of home buyers use the internet first to conduct their home search.  *Google is the #1 source.

Most Agents are still using traditional marketing.  Only a small percentage utilizes internet marketing beyond listing your home just in the MLS.

Less than 5% of homes marketed by Realtors offers a Virtual Tour/ Listing Website and homes with, multiple photos and/or a virtual tour is likely to be viewed 4 TIMES more often than a home without.

Today, video comprises of Over 30% of all internet activity – with consumption increasing rapidly year-over-year. Consumers say they now prefer video 6 to 1 over text.

Social Media is the latest revolution.  Successful networking with Social Media Marketing strategies will send a viral buzz to more people about your home!