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How To Sell Your House Fast & For The Best Price On The Market.

Why you should list with us to sell your house fast and for the best price!!!

Are you still looking for the best realtor to sell your house, but you just don’t know where to start? Do you have a property for sale that hasn’t generated interest in the market yet? Rest assure that this doesn’t mean your house can’t do great. Perhaps you just need a different in its presentation and marketing. People are always tempted by an appealing presentation, and so a better showing of your property can make a serious difference. The main problem is that over 80% of properties listed for sale have absolutely no creativity nor a marketing plan. They feature terrible photography, poor descriptions and an agent who doesn’t understand how to sell a house. If your goal is to sell your home for the best value, you have come to the right place! We don’t just sell your home – we “market” your home for the most successful sale!

How? With the help of modern technology. San Gabriel Valley’s Top Realtor, Jerry Sun, uses the best technique that will get your property sold in a very short period. Using 7 efficient marketing tools, Jerry Sun’s home selling team not only presents your house in the best manner but also shows the best parts of it, touching the emotional part of every potential buyer. We don’t just sell your home – we “market” your home for the most successful sale!

For a better understanding of this process, let’s get into more details. First of all, everything that it is done or purchased today revolved around the internet. So if you want to increase your chances to sell your property, you need to be present in the online environment. Whoever is looking for a new home, will start looking for it on the internet, so this aspect is a must. To get the idea about how important this aspect is, take the study made by the National Association of Realtors, which states that about 92% of all the people who look for houses start their search journey online. We put your listing in front of millions of potential buyers by syndicating to the most popular real estate websites and search engines (over 100+ R.E website resources) We also advertise your home as “Featured Listing” on the top website.

Now, let’s get a closer look at the strategy offered by Jerry Sun’s team, and the marketing tools we have provide that will significantly increase your property selling chances: 
more detail of our marketing plan 

All of these tools are innovative in the real estate business. Jerry Sun’s team wants to make sure that you can sell your house without a problem. Every house is special in its way, and Jerry Sun’s team will point the best features out. No other real estate agent will put this amount of money, effort and time to help you go through the selling process so efficiently. Selling a property can be quite a hustle and time-consuming. Jerry Sun will help you save that time, sell the house and move into a new one in no time.  


3D Immersive Video Tours

A large number of details means an increased interest in the property. With the help of 2014 summer released the latest technology 3D walkthrough tour, the potential buyer has the chance of seeing the house without traveling to the address. It is an enormous difference between this type of presentation and the traditional picture posting method. The interest and curiosity can be enhanced, and the buyer can experience all the feelings of visiting the house. This can trigger the desire of seeing the house for real as well.

Drone Photography -Aerial Video & Aerial Photos

Using drones is an amazing technique of taking pictures from above, offering the chance to see how the entire house looks from the outside. Drone photography is very flexible and will make images of the house from all angles, composing a complete picture of the property, together with backyard, gardens, even neighborhood.

Here are some of our aerial photos:

Professional HD Photos (Daylight or Twilight)

A simple picture of your selling property will not help you sell fast or at a good price. Buyers want crystal clear images, at high quality and resolution, made in every room and every corner of the house. Professional photos will help you present the top features of your home, making it more appealing for the ones that need a new place to live. Even websites like Trulia.com suggests that 6 pictures or more attract more visitors, due to the possibility of seeing more details.

 Here are some of our professional photos:

Professional Home Staging Service

The actual challenge in making a home look appealing is to present it as a warm living space, not empty rooms with straight walls. Placing in beautiful furniture, even display the floors and walls by using multiple choices of colors and materials, together with interior decorations, help the buyer get an idea of how the place can look. All of these aspects are taken care off by Jerry’s team, who will do the best of making your property look perfect.

 Here are some of our staged homes photos (those properties are vacant homes):


High-Quality 3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans provide a true “feel” for the property, showing a clear overview of its layout and potential. Any potential buyer will be able to see how the entire space of the house is placed and interconnected. Our professional graphics team using state of the art technology, light is cast at an angle to create realism and to simulate the natural light of the sun. Shadows form realistically behind objects, light reflects off shiny surfaces, and objects can be seen as reflections in windows, glass doors, glass tables, and mirrors.

Over 100+ Website Syndication & Feature Listing Ad 

We put your listing in front of millions of potential buyers by syndicating to the most popular real estate websites and search engines (over 100+ R.E website resources) We also advertise your home as “Featured Listing” on the top website.

Internet Ad-1


Our exposure both domestically and internationally, regardless of whether it is through print, media, web, or our intra-network international presentations use the most cutting-edge technology tools and resources available today. A solid marketing plan is very important. It takes more than just an MLS listing, for sale sign, a listing flyer, or an open house to sell your home in today’s market. We understand that in today’s fast-paced environment, we need to provide a high level of service, utilize technology to keep our clients up to date at all times and provide added value to both buyers and sellers in the transaction.  By leveraging these technological tools, it allows my team to focus more of our time on servicing our clients, and also on providing the most comprehensive marketing program available.  In the end, you get the perfect combination of online tools and personal service when selling your home.


Download Jerry Sun’s mobile application today! SGV Real Estate Professional Home Services– Get the most accurate and up-to-date house information right at your fingertips:

This application is going to give you the best kind of results that you can expect. There are millions of people who need to be able to use a reliable and hassle-free tool that will save them time and provide a reliable database of homes with accurate prices and detailed information.