Our Marketing Plan

We may not be able to control the market, but we can control the selling strategy and presentation, and that’s huge! In today’s fast-changing market you need an intelligent marketing plan – a systematic approach designed to showcase your home to the masses while placing it in the mental inventory of everyone who sees it. Our exposure both domestically and internationally, regardless of whether it is through print, media, web, or our intra-network international presentations use the most cutting-edge technology tools and resources available today.

Selling Your Home Made Easy – Having a rock solid marketing plan to sell your home has now become more crucial than ever. It takes much more than just an MLS listing, a for sale sign, a listing flyer, or an open house to sell your home in today’s competitive market. Over 80% of the properties listed for sale have absolutely no creative appeal or marketing plan. They are compromised by terrible photography, poor descriptions, and an agent that doesn’t fully understand how to sell a house. We, on the other hand, are masters of our trade, utilizing a perfect amalgamation of real-time knowledge, skills, and the requisite marketing prowess to deliver prompt and effective results. We recognize that, in today’s dynamic and fast-paced environment, we need to provide a high level of service, employ the latest technology to constantly keep our clients up to date, and provide value addition to both buyers and sellers in the transaction.

Our team uses the best leading technology – as well as the most comprehensive marketing program available, which is all done in order to get your property sold efficiently. If you’re thinking of selling your home, then look no further than our team – we are the best choice for you! We guarantee that no other agent is willing to spend the time and high marketing budget in the same way we do. (Most realtors are using the traditional methods and have a very limited marketing budget.) All of our clients always feel that they have received a remarkable service that far exceeded their expectations. The exceptional level of commitment we provide will allow you to recognize that we don’t just sell your home – we “market” your home for the most successful sale!!! Our service is included in all our listings for all price ranges. you will get the same exceptional service!  Check out our quick and succinct video to see everything we offer – The cutting-edge marketing plan is designed to sell your house as quickly as possible!


Custom-Designed Property Website

Our property website features a Custom Domain Name/ Bilingual Content (English/Chinese) / High Definition Professional Photos & Aerial Photos/ 3D Walk-Through Showcase/ HD Animated Live-Motion Video Tour/ 3D Floor Plans Renderings/ Features/ Description/ Map/ Flyer Download/ Radio Podcast Ad/ Contact Agent… Buyers will enjoy a virtual tour of the space, with a vocal presentation as well. Most real estate agents offer a low cost, fast turn-around virtual tour without actually paying for a decent one. These are nothing more than still photographs assembled in a slideshow, complete with amateur transitions and grating background music. We spend a great of time to creating a unique property website for every listing.

Professional Photography

Decent quality photos make a huge difference in a listing’s first impression. Professional photos will help you present the top features of your home, making it more appealing to the ones that need a new place to live. The data also showed that listings with nicer photos get more online attention. Fewer than 10% of listings incorporate higher-end photography. We provide the professional photography for all listings.

Professional Photography (Daylights & Twilights)

Twilight photography has many advantages, images of homes at dusk are beautiful, romantic and attractive. It can add a high-value to a house. Most listings promoted online are taken during the daytime, our twilight photos can make the huge difference in showcasing your property compare the regular exterior shot. Twilight photography adds glamour to your house while capturing the buyer’s attention in an interesting way. And is more likely to grab the attention of the buyer when a home search is performed and thumbnails of properties are returned and allow you to stick out from your competition. We offer the twilight photography for all single family homes and even condo.

Professional Home Staging – Vacant Home

The actual challenge in making a home look appealing is to present it as a warm living space, not empty rooms with straight walls. Placing in beautiful furniture with interior decorations, helps the buyer get an idea of how the place can look. Home staging- the act of making a home look visually appealing to buyers, can make your house stand out from the crowd and sell quickly for top dollar! Professionally staged homes sell 80% faster and price on average for 3-8% more than homes that are not staged. We provide professional staging upon request* to transform your home into a “picture-perfect” showcase house. For owner-occupied homes, we also provide suggestions for how to declutter and rearrange the furniture you own, we also add some decorative items and plants or hang up some artwork and provide a bedding comforter set to give your living space a fresh look.

Professional Home Staging

Home Decorating Service – Owner Occupied Home

There is such a difference in how we use a staging company to stage vacant homes to sell. Our marketing assistant can work with what is already in your home and provide verbal suggestions to the seller. We will reconfigure and redesign your existing furnishings, accents and art to give your home a fresh new look to bring out the best your home has to offer. We add finishing touches where needed, creating an ambiance potential buyers are sure to fall in love with. 

Aerial Photography & Aerial Video

There are some images that only the aerial view can capture. Viewing the finished aerial photo/video can only be described as a one-of-a-kind, awesome experience. Using drones is an amazing technique of taking pictures from above, offering the chance to see how the entire house looks from the outside. Drone photography is very flexible and will capture images of the house from all angles. Our 4K-camera drone provides high-quality videos and still photos. We also provide aerial photos with some special effects, such as daytime to dust, sunset sky, color enhancement, lawn enhancement, or converting images to a black-and-white background and adding a selective splash of color to the subject property. This effect that immediately draws the viewer’s attention to the colorized areas, creating striking images.

3D Property Floor Plan & Dollhouse View

Nothing surpasses a 3D floor plan in giving a very clear view and delivering a true feel for the property, demonstrating a clear evaluation of its layout and potential for homebuyers. For 7 years, we are the FIRST & ONLY one realtor that offers realistic 3D floor plans rendering and 2D floor plans with dimensions. We are committed to bringing these architectural rendering techniques to a new level in the real estate industry. Our superior quality 3D floor plans rendering delivers both top view and isometric view, with bird’s-eye views from different angles that will allow buyers to fully grasp the space at a glance. Our experienced architectural team makes use of state-of-the-art technology. From the year 2017, we even provide the state-of-the-art 3D floor plan Dollhouse cross-section view; which can be employed to show the overall layout of an interior, it gives you a very creative view of a house or a condo. It presents a more detailed alternative to the traditional 2D floor plan. Our 3D floor plan will add the windows, doors, appliances, cabinetry, fixture, flooring texture, wall colors, as well as similar furnitures to match each and every detail of the house’s original interior style.

Virtual Staging

We not only offer “Professional Home Staging” services, we also offer an additional free service called “Virtual Staging.” The staging company will not stage all of the bedrooms; they usually only stage the master bedroom. Therefore, there are still some vacant bedrooms, and most people have a difficult time visualizing the potential of an empty home. With our professional staging service plus virtual staging, now they can! It helps potential buyers visualize their future home and is proven to significantly boost property appeal. Today, most buyers looking for a home will first search the internet first. Beautifully decorated home photos capture the interest of potential buyers and motivate them to schedule a showing with a real estate agent. Our virtual staging is another great tool to help showcase your home. Virtual staging is the process of using 3D rendering technology to place beautiful home furnishings into vacant property pictures by our interior designer.

Custom Designed Property Flyer

All our property flyers are gloss full-color 100LB Top-Fold Brochures. Each flyer is custom made and uniquely designed for each property with professional photos and 3D floor plan.

Professional Image Editing And Improving

You are not just getting professional photos only, but you will also be getting that extra high-quality service that other agents will likely not provide. Our design team can perform an array of photo retouching, editing, enhancement, object removal, adjust lighting/contrast, get rid of blemishes, maximize color correction…etc. We edit each and every image to ensure our pictures are a lot more professional and look thoroughly clean, significantly better and attractive. For example, we take away all the vehicles on the street or even next door, garbage cans, pedestrian on the street of our aerial photos. We also take away some unwanted items on the interior photos. Often times, we experience some difficulties of taking photos for the majority of the tenant occupied homes and a few owner-occupied homes. If the interior is kind of untidy, then we will need to move items before our professional photographers can start taking photos, However, we can still find something or some items we can’t take off, which is why “Photoshop” is one of our essential tools in making our pictures look great!

Radio Ad – Live On Air

Online radio is one of the most venerable and proven forms of marketing media. We will advertise your home in the world’s largest online talk radio and podcast hosting platform. so, ten thousands of listener can listen to it anytime, on any device.

Internet Marketing

93% of Homebuyers search their home on the internet, so internet marketing is very important. We put your listing in front of millions of potential buyers by syndicating to the most popular real estate websites and search engines (over 100+ R.E website resources) We also advertise your home as “Featured Listing” on the top website.

Internet Ad-7Internet Ad-2Internet Ad-3Internet Ad-4Internet Ad-5Internet Ad-6Internet Ad-8Internet Ad-9Internet Ad-10Internet Ad-11

Newspapers Ad

Advertise your home on local newspaper: Zhong Guo Newspaper(中國⽇報南加地產) Taiwan Daily Newspaper (台灣時報) Chinese LA Daily Newspaper Classified (台灣時報 & 中國⽇報-熱門上市屋及工商剪影) Los Angeles Times – Sunday Homes Section and Real Estate World Magazine


International Buyers Marketing

One other reason you should select our team is that we have an international buyers connection. The United States attracts more Chinese buyers than any other country and 71% of Chinese buyers are paying CASH according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The majority of Chinese buyers do not speak English well, which makes communication challenging for a U.S. real estate agent. It is crucial to work with an agent who can relate to and communicate with the Chinese client, to serve prospective buyers who might feel more confident working with someone who understands their culture and language. Roughly 900 million Chinese people are surfing the internet; however, Chinese people don’t use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc.. as these sites are BLOCKED in China. Instead – they use their own local versions such as like Sina Weibo, Sina Blog, Baidu, QQ, WeChat etc.. We have shared lots of information and our listings through those websites as well as on our WeChat Official account, WeChat personal account, and LINE messenger. We bring you, buyers!!! That’s why you need both English speaking and Chinese speaking real estate agents to assist you in selling your home.  SAMPLE1 SAMPLE2 SAMPLE3

Direct Mail Postcard Marketing

Savvy agents use everything in their tool chests to achieve success. That also includes utilizing the ‘old school’ meets real-world success tool. We mail Just-Listed Postcards or Open House Postcards/ EDDM to thousands of neighboring residences.

3D Models Walk-Through Tour

New 3D technology creates a 3D immersive virtual tour showcase. Just imagine being able to immerse yourself in a home without actually being there. This is the 3D experience. This new 3D innovation enhances the marketability of each listing by providing an experience rather than only static photography. The 3D showcase lets buyers virtually “walk through” a home’s interior in three dimensions, as well as view a 3D floor plan (called a dollhouse view). Showing potential buyers a large number of details means an increasing interest in the property. With the help of a 3D walkthrough, the potential buyer has the chance of seeing the house without traveling to the address. The buyer can experience all the feelings of visiting the house.

3D Floor Plan 360 Panoramic View & Fly Through Tour

3D Floor Plans providing a true “feel” for the property, showing a clear overview of its layout and potential. Any potential buyer will be able to see how the entire space of the house is placed and interconnected. We offer this additional 3D floor plan fly through animated video tour with voice narration for luxury homes. Check out our sample tour below.

HD Animated Live-Motion Video with Professional Narration

We will create an HD walk-through video tour to give potential buyers a virtual tour of your home. Our virtual video tour will feature the following features: Custom 3D cartoon animation; Aerial videos; Live-motion room by room videos and professional property narration. Today, 3D cartoon animation is the most popular marketing video style. We will custom design a cartoon animation for your property’s video tour to boost its online presence. The video will be posted on our Youtube and Vimeo channels or other media websites.

Home Video Tour Sample

Home Video Tour Sample

Home Video Tour Sample

Home Video Tour Sample