Why Use A Buyer’s Agent?

The home-buying process is stressful enough without worrying about who you can and cannot trust. Your buyer’s agent is your trusted advocate. The following are 7 great reasons to use a buyer’s agent when buying a home.

1. Working for You Free of Charge
Most people think they have to pay a sales commission and that they can save money by not using a buyer’s agent. The truth is this: in residential real estate, only the seller pays the commission. Where else can you employ the services and receive the benefits of a trained and experienced professional on your side for free!


2. Negotiate the best terms and price for the buyer. 
Having a buyer’s agent helps you hold all the cards when negotiating with the seller. A good buyer’s agent will negotiate to ensure that you get the best deal on your new home. If you are dealing directly with the listing agent or homeowner, you have no one representing your interests that also understands the local real estate market. A good realtor will negotiate and make sure that your best interests are represented.


3. Access to Full MLS- Listing Found For You, Sent to You
A licensed realtor can perform a thorough search of the full MLS for every property on the market. Also, a good realtor will alert you to new properties that hit the market and might not show up on home search sites for another several day. We can also setup auto emails to notify you automatically if a listing that meets your criteria comes on the market.


4. A buyer’s agent will save you valuable time. 
When you have a buyer’s agent, you don’t have to worry about driving around neighborhoods for hours or worry that you’re missing the house that would be perfect for you. You can spend your time doing the things you enjoy while the search is being handled by someone else who is a professional. Buyer’s Agent will show you the homes that suit your needs and can suggest simple changes that would make a particular home more suitable for you. Your agent will also perform a lot of the services that you otherwise might have to do yourself, such as writing up offers, delivering earnest money, reviewing contracts, reviewing prelim title report and coordinating with the lender.


5. Guide You Through The Process
A buyer’s agent will walk you through the entire home-buying process; from identifying the ideal property, writing up the offer, to reviewing seller disclosures, filling out escrow instructions, reviewing the preliminary title report, termite report, inspection report, HOA documentations and closing documents, to negotiating with the seller’s agent, helping with financing options and ensuring that all of your paperwork is prepared properly for your closing. It’s nice to have a trained professional by your side to handle the paperwork and to help answer any questions you might have. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes when buying a home, a good agent will make it easy and efficient for you as a buyer. We’ve helped hundreds of people with their real estate needs, and our experience will help keep you from any unpleasant surprises throughout the entire buying process. It makes your life easier and reduces stress.


6. Benefit From A Network Of Vendors. 
Buying a home involves a lot of steps that will require the use of other outside experts such as home inspectors, mortgage lenders, title companies, inspectors, and other professional tax and legal advisors. A good buyer’s agent will have a network of trusted vendors that past clients have used and can make the home-buying process easier for you.

7. Get Peace of Mind by Knowing Who Represents You
If you don’t have a Buyer’s Agent, the agent or agents you talk to may not be obligated to keep your information confidential or to help you get the best deal. Good Buyer’s Agents will have you sign a contract. The contract says clearly that the agent works for you, in your best interests, and not for the seller.